Breakdowns – Our Service to YOU


We understand in most cases breakdowns are rare, however even though all our bikes are in very good serviced condition we also appreciate they can unexpectedly breakdown. Our customer satisfaction is very important to us and we want to do everything we can to ensure your experience is a good one and meets your expectations.

The first and most important aspect of any decent ride (over 400klm or more than 1 day) is to have a support vehicle accompany you, your ride or tour. If riding with others, its always good to know your fellow riders have organised a support vehicle in the event of a breakdown you and your bike can continue on your journey. This will allow us more time to assist you without you having to be left stranded or separated from your group. In the event there is no support vehicle, we recommend you don’t travel into areas that are too remote and stay close to large townships or capital cities where help is usually not far away.

We also recommend that you treat your bike with all necessary care and always ride with caution. This is not only to reduce the chance of mechanical failure, but also for your own safety. Breaking down or having an accident on a motorcycle on a trip or tour with others is NOT fun. Always ride well within your limitations and treat the bike with respect as in most cases it will be the one you are depending on to bring you back home.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown we will do our best with what we have available at the time to get you sorted and back on the road in the shortest amount of time possible. However, there are some conditions as follows:

  1. You must not be further than 150klm from our base (where you hired the motorcycle).
  2. You must not be on roads or areas that were not permissible to travel under this agreement
  3. That you have stayed with the motorcycle and not left the motorcycle unattended or abandoned
  4. If you are more than 150klm from our base, or at a location which was not permissible, if we are able to, we can organise to meet you at a chosen location to undertake repairs or bike replacement. There will be no guarantee in this regards and all expenses being fuel, time, accommodation, meals etc. will be estimated prior to us making any arrangements in which if agreed by you, will be charged to you.

If you meet these conditions, we will gear up and do our best to come save you. That may include bringing parts to service or repair the bike in the breakdown location or supply you with an alternate backup motorcycle so you can continue your journey.

You will agree that in the event of a breakdown regardless of fault of machine or use, if we cannot get you back on a motorcycle to continue your journey then any days from the original breakdown will be refunded back to you. Days from original hire date to breakdown will not be refunded.

You will agree that in the event of an accident or injury regardless of fault or use, the full hire period will be charged and any days after any event will not be refunded.

You will agree that in the event of a breakdown that you will stay with the motorcycle unless otherwise agreed by us with sufficient notice. Leaving our motorcycle unattended or abandoned will forfeit your full security deposit and incur further collection and retrieval costs which will be charged to you.

You can also be given a puncture repair kit with every ride longer than 2 days, or on request, at a small fee. This kit can be a lifesaver as seasoned riders would know. Please ensure you keep this kit safe and feel free to use it as required.