These terms and conditions are to be read and executed in conjunction with the Rental Agreement signed by you, the Hirer. This document has also been designed to provide further explanation that may not be covered in your Rental Agreement which is why it forms part of that agreement.

This document is not to be considered as the Rental Agreement.

In this document

  • When we talk WE, we mean US (Rent N Ride), our store, our owners and our staff including our external providers like any mechanics, suppliers and providers.
  • When we talk YOU we mean you the Hirer or the signatory on the Rental Agreement including any Additional Rider, and or pillion passenger.
  • When we talk our Depot, Base or Location, we mean Rent N Ride premises in which you collected your motorcycle or location identified as on your rental agreement of other than the Rent N Ride depot.
  • You must hold a CURRENT Australian State or Territory Motor Cycle Riders License.
  • If not an Australia License, the ride(s) must comply with Australian licensing requirements in the State or Territory in which they are riding the motorcycle. This may vary between States.
  • You must not be a Restricted, Learners or Provisional License Holder of any kind.
  • You must be at least 25 years of age.
  • You must declare to us via our Acknowledgement clauses that you are competent and have suitable riding experience and possess the necessary skill, confidence and knowledge in the type of motorcycle you are hiring.

It will be expected and a condition at time of Hire to provide us with original copies of your current Driver’s License, any additional form of ID and a Credit Card with suitable cleared funds for any booking deposits, security deposits, security bonds or any other payments.

On hiring any motorcycle from Rent N Ride you can expect to have INCLUDED in your hire fee,

  • One or more of our fully registered motorcycles from our fleet inclusive of NSW CTP Cover
  • Unlimited kilometer hire
  • A full tank of fuel
  • A cool Rent N Ride T-Shirt and Cap
  • Steering or Disk Lock or both
  • Breakdown Assistance. See Breakdowns – Our Service to You policy
  • Any Saddle Bags, hard or soft Panniers, tool kits etc. This will depend on the configuration of your chosen motorcycle.
  • Any taxes, daily insurance premium fees and any GST on any hired product

For a small additional fee you can add to your hire a range of accessories.

An example of some but limited to are:

  • Helmet – selection of
  • Gloves
  • GPS device
  • Quad Lock Phone or GPS Holder
  • Wet Weather Gear Coverall Set
  • Leather Jackets, Riding Dragon Jean Pants, Boots.

All accessories will be subject to availability and confirmed within 3 days after your booking. Most accessories are available from our store to BUY NEW or you can choose to RENT from our rental stock. Rental stock are sterilised and air dried to ensure they are maintained to a high clinical standard.

EXCLUDED from your Hire:

  • Tolls
  • Fines, parking tickets, any other enforceable penalty related to the registration of the hired motorcycle.
  • Fuel when returned not full. If tank requires filling there will be a $3.00 inclusive of GST per litre fuel charge applicable.
  • Any costs you or we incurred due to punctures or any other tire damage during the hire period.
  • Bike Cleaning – see Cleaning sections of this agreement.

It will be an expectation that you suitably meet the standard safety requirements in order to Hire any of our Motorcycles. We will not allow a Rider to leave our premises on a Motorcycle unless they have suitable and approved apparel where required by law –

  • Helmet – Approved for Riding
  • Boots – Suitable for Riding
  • Long Pants or Jeans

Things like open toe footwear ie thongs and apparel like shorts will not be acceptable. If you turn up in this way, you will not be leaving with one of our motorcycles. If you do not own or do not bring the minimal suitable required Helmet, Boots or Apparel, if we have them available, which we are likely too, you can buy from our new stock or we can hire them to you to ensure suitable measures have been taken to ensure your safety.

You agree as the signatory of the Rental Agreement that you are solely responsible for the motorcycle keys and any other keys provided to you in order to operate the motorcycle and any accessories including but not limited to luggage carriers, panniers, wheel or disk locks or steering locks.

Should any of these be lost, you the hirer are liable for any related costs to replace, repair, recover the said equipment or the motorcycle due to the loss of this equipment. You may also be liable for any losses to us for the loss of further rental resulting from being unable to utilise the motorcycle.

If you have selected to hire and have been provided with a GPS device and/or cradle you will be required to grant us approval to take an additional $750 holding deposit on the credit card provided. This of course will be fully released on the basis the product is returned to us and in the same condition it left us.

As these issues/losses can quite easily occur, sometimes through no fault of your own, as you are solely liable regardless of fault for these losses, it is our recommendation that if you see it feasible, which would be likely on any lengthy hire or trip, that you should seek a separate travel insurance policy of your own to ensure you suffer no losses.

On booking your motorcycle online or via phone, a 30% (Min $200.00, whichever is greater) non refundable booking deposit of the total hire will be required to secure your chosen motorcycle for the chosen period. The remaining 70% is payable on the day of collection or if organised prior. There will be no further losses apart from the 30% booking deposit in the event you change your mind, or for any reason you become unwell, weather no longer permits your ride, other cancelations of any tour, or you just no longer want to hire the motorcycle for any reason.

In addition to the deposit there will be a Security Bond. This will be payable on collection of your motorcycle. The cost of this bond will vary pending the bike you hire which can be found on our website within the individual bike details. This bond will be pre-authorised against your provided credit card providing the rental period is under 14 days. If the rental period is 14 days or longer the Security Bond will be processed as a payment from your credit card. This fee will be incorporated in your hire fee and payable in full at time of hire. This will be in addition to any additional Security Deposits granted on items like accessories, GPS, Toll Tags and alike. Your pre-authorised Security Bond amount will be cancelled as will any Security Bond processed payment be refunded to your credit card on the date or due date on the safe and good condition return of the motorcycle.

Your Bond or any Security Deposit will be refunded on return of the motorcycle pending the below conditions:

  • The motorcycle is returned to the Rent N Ride location it was collected at original hire date
  • The motorcycle is in good mechanical condition
  • There is no additional damage other than what we identified in the condition report on hire
  • All accessories are also returned in good condition
  • It is returned with a full tank of fuel. If tank requires filling there will be a $3 per liter fuel charge applicable.
  • The GPS Tracker has not identified any prohibited or not permissible use
  • Or any other term identified in this rental agreement

IMPORTANT – All our bikes are fitted with GPS trackers. If that data shows that the motorcycle has been ridden on prohibited or on not permissible or unauthorised routes, at excessive averaged speeds, or generally in an irresponsible manner, you will be in immediate breach of your rental agreement in which you will forfeit your security bond which MAY NOT be released/refunded or MAY NOT be released/refunded in full. We understand the nature of motorcycle riding and although this determination will be ours to make, which you agree will not be disputed, we will not be unreasonable in this determination.

Please also note – Security Bonds are per incident, which means if an accident or incident was to occur which affected your Security Bond, however you have chosen to continue on with your hire, an additional Security Bond of the same amount as the original will be processed and used in the event an additional incident or accident occurred.

As a business, we obviously have a range of liability, contents, self and external comprehensive cover on our motorcycles and equipment to cover in full or part of any losses that we may occur. We also have under NSW legislation “CTP Green Slip Insurance” on all of our motorcycles in which we hire. However, CTP Green Slip Insurance does have its exclusions in which we and you are subject to significant loss.


  • Rider injury or death regardless of fault, apart from what is covered under mandatory NSW Green Slip Insurance. Please note that NSW Green Slip Insurance, also known as CTP Cover, does not cover you or any Passenger by default and does not provide you or any Passenger with any entitlement to recover damages in respect to death or injury to you or any Passenger of a Motorcycle if the motor accident concerned was caused by an act or omission by you or any Passenger.
  • Loss of personal belongings
  • Recovery costs of a motorcycle in the event a loss of key or damage, either to a repair center or back to our base.
  • Loss of rental in which we must make repairs to a damaged or disabled motorcycle


  • The damage or repairs to a motorcycle being $2000.00 or greater, up to a total loss
  • Third Party Injury if not at fault (Refer to legislated CTP Cover Inclusions and Exclusions)
  • Third Party Property regardless of fault (Third Party Property Cover policy on all motorcycles as a minimum)
  • Legal and Professional Liability for our store locations

Standard Excess for Damage or Loss of a Motorcycle

In the event Rent N Ride needs to make a claim on any of its policies due to an accident causing damage or loss or theft of the motorcycle or any accessory, there will be a Standard Excess payable (payment to Rent N Ride when a claim against the policy is triggered). The Standard Excess applicable can be found on our website under the individual bike details page in which you have selected. The Excess amount will be deducted from any pre-authorised or pre-deducted Security Bond from the provided Credit Card with any additional remining balance of the Standard Excess amount also payable by you. We also provide you with the option to reduce your Standard Excess by 50% (bringing this equal and not exceeding your Security Bond) by paying an additional daily non-refundable Reduction Fee. This option can be found and chosen in the individual bike page of your chosen motorcycle. For your piece of mind, providing all the conditions of the Rental Agreement and the Terms and Conditions of any annexure to this agreement have been satisfied, as well as you have chosen the option to reduce your Excess and paid the additional daily Reduction Fee, the Standard Excess payment cannot be greater than the Security Bond allocated.

We understand there are always good intentions to commit to the chosen dates and motorcycle when booking. We also understand that there could be many reasons that these dates are not able to be met. This could be you are unwell, weather no longer permits your ride, other cancelations of any tour, or you just no longer want to hire the motorcycle for any reason, which you are not obligated under any terms to disclose to us. We also understand that booking and renting a motorcycle can be expensive, then having to forfeit that rental can be devastating and costly. For this reason we have a few options for our customers to consider.

Minimum Loss Booking Guarantee – Without Booking Cover

On booking your motorcycle and securing your dates, a non-refundable booking deposit of 30% of the total hire fee will apply. This is payable at time of booking. There is no further payment due until the day of hire and collection of your motorcycle. Therefore, if things do not go to plan for whatever reason you can take comfort in that any financial loss will not exceed your 30% booking deposit. With this option, if you are unable to meet the booking date, you are also unable to reschedule or change your chosen motorcycle and your booking will be cancelled. Any further booking will incur a new 30% booking fee in which the same conditions will apply.

Flexible Booking Guarantee – With Booking Cover

Under this option, you can choose to pay an additional 10% of your total hire fee at time of booking as Booking Cover. This allows you to be flexible with chosen dates and motorcycle, pending availability of both, up to 60 days from original booking dates. This Cover however is only applicable for one change to either the dates or chosen motorcycle and will not be available for any further changes. Any further changes will result in the cancellation of the booking and loss of Booking Deposit, being the 30% + the 10% Booking Cover fee.

In today’s world, we have all seen times where government restrictions placed us in a position that prevented us from taking on our planned events. With this, we guarantee a refund of your booking deposit less $100 administration fee in the event you are under a government restriction which are publicly published and available for us to reference.

Our premises are secure, gated, under multiple CCTV and alarmed with back to base security guard monitoring. We have security lockers within our premises. These are available at no extra costs to secure any luggage or belongings you want to keep with us. The keys for these lockers will stay with us and handed to you on your return so you can retrieve your belongings.

We have limited gated security parking as well as in building parking. You are welcome to keep any arrival vehicle in these spaces if they are so available. We also have ample video monitored free street parking for your use, regardless of length of term.

Our premises are secure, gated, under multiple CCTV and alarmed with back to base security guard monitoring. We have security lockers within our premises. These are available at no extra costs to secure any luggage or belongings you want to keep with us. The keys for these lockers will stay with us and handed to you on your return so you can retrieve your belongings.

We have limited gated security parking as well as in building parking. You are welcome to keep any arrival vehicle in these spaces if they are so available. We also have ample video monitored free street parking for your use, regardless of length of term.

By booking and/or renting a motorcycle from us, you agree as the signatory of the Rental Agreement that you and any passenger will not take any action or make any claim and that you indemnify/release us, Rent N Ride Pty Ltd, our third parties, employees, directors, shareholders or company affiliates of any claims or loss associated with your hire and/or transactions with us.

You acknowledge that we have not made, do not make, and disclaim any representation or warrants whatsoever, expressed or implied, with respect to the vehicle, including, but not limited to, its design, capacity, condition, merchantability, or fitness for use or for any particular purpose. You agree that neither us nor the manufacturers will be liable to you for any loss or other damages or expenses of any kind caused directly or indirectly by, or arising in connection with, the vehicle, its use, operation or failure to be maintained, mechanical failure either directly or indirectly due to parts used or repairs made, or failure of any such parts or repairs, or by any interruption of service or loss of use of the motorcycle.

You agree that motorcycle riding is a very dangerous activity which could result in injury or death being at fault or not at fault in which you will take full responsibility for your actions and the actions of others that may cause loss or injury to you, any passenger, motorcycle or accessories. You must agree that you are participating at your own risk and understand the implications that can be caused by such an activity.

You must understand that the nature of this activity could place you in remote areas in which breakdowns or accidents could place you abandoned with no or inadequate facilities for treatment or transport for participants of this activity which could negatively impact you especially if you find yourself injured. You must acknowledge as part of this agreement that you understand and appreciate these concerns and take full responsibility to ensure you have measures in place to deal with these circumstances in the event you find yourself in them. For these reasons we highly recommend the appropriate personal Travel Insurance Cover be taken out prior to the hiring of any motorcycle.

All our motorcycles are fully serviced at the required intervals and are good to go on hire. In the event you intend to travel further than 5000klm in any one hire period you would need to advise us to ensure the service intervals are not due or need to be carried out through the duration of your hire. If this was to occur we will work with you to ensure the bike will be suitably serviced for your trip however this may incur a pre-hire service charge of $275.00 inclusive of GST and will require 10 days notice prior to your hire date. In the event you fail to advise us and return the motorcycle with more than 5000klm traveled a more significant service fee would apply of $495.00 inclusive of GST being the motorcycle would need further and more detailed maintenance.

We ask the hirer to do their very best to keep our motorcycles in good clean condition throughout any ride and on return. On hiring our motorcycle you can expect it to be in very clean condition. In the event a motorcycle is returned in a condition we think is excessively dirty, we will charge you and deduct from any bond payment a cleaning fee of $150. This determination will be completely at the discretion of Rent N Ride on the return of the motorcycle.

  • We recommend you should never ride more than 400klm per day.
  • Although the motorcycle comes with unlimited klm, there will be a pre-service fee and post service fee applicable if the motorcycle has traveled over 5000klm in any one hire. See Servicing in this schedule.
  • Any ride or group of riders traveling any further than 400klm from home, or more than 1 day, should have an organized support vehicle with a suitable bike trailer to be able to transport riders or their passengers in the event of a breakdown or accident, to the assistance they require and/or back home.
  • You are aware that roads in Australia are full of wildlife whom have no idea what you are, and will walk out in front of you at any time. You are aware you need to remain vigilant at all times in regards.
  • You should ALWAYS wear suitably appropriate motorcycle riding gear suitable for the conditions.
  • And we would welcome you advising us of any planned route so we are aware of your date and where abouts and maybe be more readily available to offer any assistance that maybe required.

Toll charges are not included in your motorcycle hire rates. Using Toll roads in Australia will incur costs to the registered owner of the motorcycle being Rent N Ride.

Using your own Toll Tag – Our preference is for you to always have and use your own Toll Pass or Tag when riding our motorcycles throughout the duration of your hire. In the event a Toll gets charged to Rent N Ride you will be liable for those fees plus a $10.00 inclusive of GST administration fee (additionally by us) for each Toll Notice we need to deal with.

Using Our Toll Account – If you do not have a Toll Pass or Tag, not to worry, in the event that you do not have a Toll Pass, or that your Toll Pass does not register with the Toll readers, all our motorcycles registration numbers are registered with the Toll providers and will be charged directly to us. For this reason, it is important that you ensure that either your Toll Pass (if you are in possession of one) and/or registration plate are clearly visible. If a Toll is charged to the motorcycle, us, the total of all Toll fees during the hire period will be charged to you plus a $10.00 inclusive of GST administration fee (additionally by us) for each Toll Notice we need to deal with.

All charges that appear on our portals by the return date will be deducted from any pre-authorized security or bond amount held against the credit card provided at hire date. Some Toll charges and Fines can take up to 30 days to appear or arrive, in which you authorise us to debit your card for any subsequent charges and be identified as the rider to the appropriate department for their enforcement, if applicable

Our motorcycles are designed and built to be suitable for sealed roads. Rent N Ride do have available in their fleet Adventure Bikes which have the capacity to go off road however at this time this is NOT Permissible. It is important to note that traveling on unsealed roads elevates the risk of an accident significantly and should be avoided, not to mention this will also void your Security Bond and full Excess could then be payable in the event of an accident or damage.

It is permissible to ride our motorcycles on Unsealed Roads when-

  • The motorcycle hired is fit for purpose by Rent N Ride and the manufacturer
  • And, the motorcycle is set up by Rent N Ride for unsealed roads. IE, 50/50 Tyres. Our Adventure bikes are fitted as standard with 80/20 tyres, being 80% sealed and 20% unsealed.
  • And, the unsealed road is a registered road which is clearly identified on google maps as a road
  • AND, the Rent N Ride Policy allows, which at time of this agreement it DOES NOT.

It is NOT permissible to ride our motorcycles on Unsealed Roads when –

  • The motorcycle hired is not fit for purpose by Rent N Ride and the manufacturer
  • The motorcycle is not set up by Rent N Ride for unsealed roads. IE, 50/50 Tyres.
  • The unsealed road is not a registered road which is clearly identified on google maps
  • While and during the Rent N Ride Policy forbids it, which at time of this agreement it DOES.

You must not at any time use any of Rent N Ride motorcycles to ride on lake beds, tidal lakes or crossings, beaches, grassed areas, snow conditions, fire trails, above any snow line or through streams, rivers, flood waters, flowing spill dams or any other body of water including any unsealed trails that are not on Google Maps as a road.

Breaching these strict terms and conditions will result in-

  • The full Security Bond and/or Security Deposits forfeited regardless of accident or damage created or caused, and
  • Your bike will no longer be covered meaning you will be responsible for the full cost of the motorcycle in the event of any loss, and
  • You will forfeit your entitlement under our breakdown and recovery clauses we have pledged, meaning not only will you be fully liable for the cost of the motorcycle but if you are to breakdown you could find that we may be unable to assist you and any assistance rendered by us or third parties will be at your own costs.

We understand in most cases breakdowns are rare, however even though all our bikes are in very good serviced condition we also appreciate they can unexpectedly breakdown. Our customer satisfaction is very important to us and we want to do everything we can to ensure your experience is a good one and meets your expectations.

The first and most important aspect of any decent ride (over 400klm or more than 1 day) is to have a support vehicle accompany you, your ride or tour. If riding with others, its always good to know your fellow riders have organised a support vehicle in the event of a breakdown you and your bike can continue on your journey. This will allow us more time to assist you without you having to be left stranded or separated from your group. In the event there is no support vehicle, we recommend you don’t travel into areas that are too remote and stay close to large townships or capital cities where help is usually not far away.

We also recommend that you treat your bike with all necessary care and always ride with caution. This is not only to reduce the chance of mechanical failure, but also for your own safety. Breaking down or having an accident on a motorcycle on a trip or tour with others is NOT fun. Always ride well within your limitations and treat the bike with respect as in most cases it will be the one you are depending on to bring you back home.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown we will do our best with what we have available at the time to get you sorted and back on the road in the shortest amount of time possible. However, there are some conditions as follows:

  1. You must not be further than 150klm from our base (where you hired the motorcycle).
  2. You must not be on roads or areas that were not permissible to travel under this agreement
  3. That you have stayed with the motorcycle and not left the motorcycle unattended or abandoned
  4. If you are more than 150klm from our base, or at a location which was not permissible, if we are able to, we can organise to meet you at a chosen location to undertake repairs or bike replacement. There will be no guarantee in this regards and all expenses being fuel, time, accommodation, meals etc. will be estimated prior to us making any arrangements in which if agreed by you, will be charged to you.

If you meet these conditions, we will gear up and do our best to come save you. That may include bringing parts to service or repair the bike in the breakdown location or supply you with an alternate backup motorcycle so you can continue your journey.

You will agree that in the event of a breakdown regardless of fault of machine or use, if we cannot get you back on a motorcycle to continue your journey then any days from the original breakdown will be refunded back to you. Days from original hire date to breakdown will not be refunded.

You will agree that in the event of an accident or injury regardless of fault or use, the full hire period will be charged and any days after any event will not be refunded.

You will agree that in the event of a breakdown that you will stay with the motorcycle unless otherwise agreed by us with sufficient notice. Leaving our motorcycle unattended or abandoned will forfeit your full security deposit and incur further collection and retrieval costs which will be charged to you.

You will also be given a puncture repair kit with every ride longer than 2 days, or on request, at no charge. This kit can be a lifesaver as seasoned riders would know. Please ensure you keep this kit safe and feel free to use it as required.

In the event of a breakdown, accident or emergency, or any other reason you feel you need to contact us, you will be given a Rent N Ride Emergency Contact Tag in which you should call us on the provided details. If there is no answer, leave a voice message or send a text message.

Please always ensure in the event of an emergency where you may need medical attention that your first call is to 000. Once your health has been prioritised, then you or another should contact us straight after to make further arrangements.

All Rent N Ride motorcycles are fitted with GPS trackers. This is predominantly for your safety and for us to provide the best possible service and support to you. It allows us to know where our motorcycles are at all times so we can make suitable arrangements if that need was required. The trackers also give us an indication of your permissible use which may affect your security deposit or bond. As mentioned previously in this document, we are all motorcycle riders ourselves and understand how it goes out there on the road. We will not be unreasonable in the circumstances when determining any breaches have occurred, so don’t be too concerned.

  • Your hire is not on a pro-rata basis. That is, if a motorcycle is returned early, the full hire fee as per the original booking is payable.
  • All returns must be returned to Rent N Ride location of original collection at the start of your hire, unless otherwise organised prior to the Rental Agreement date.
  • Not all bikes come back from rides in perfect or repairable condition. If this was to occur on your chosen motorcycle prior to your hire date, your chosen motorcycle may no longer be available to hire. We will do our best to offer you an alternative available motorcycle in this event. In the event Rent N Ride can no longer offer the chosen motorcycle at the booking date or supply an alternate motorcycle of your liking, Rent N Ride will refund the full booking fee and any other moneys paid in advance. Rent N Ride will not be liable for any other losses incurred by not being able to meet the booking. An example of this would be if your chosen bike has been involved in an accident, written off or not returned in time for your booking, and we have no available bikes in our fleet to offer you.

VIEW ENTIRE Website Terms and Conditions Explained Document HERE.