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 $220.00 - $285.00 P/Day


Otherwise known as the “Harley Killer” the Triumph Thunderbird LT shows Harley how it should be done. This comfortable LONG hauler has all the gear. With its big 1700cc liquid cooled engine, chunky levers, heal-toe gear changer, full screen, back rest, comfort long haul seat, side boards, highway pegs and saddle bags make this the perfect bike for you and the Mrs to head on that bucket list trip. This bike, Sydney to Tassie and back, no problem. Be seen, recognised and respected on this machine wherever you go.

Day based pricing : TRIUMPH THUNDERBIRD LT 1700
1 days $285.00 / Day
2 days $265.00 / Day
3 - 4 days $250.00 / Day
5 - 14 days $235.00 / Day
14 - 30 days $220.00 / Day
Ride Start Date
Ride End Date
Engine 1700
Seat Height 700mm
Wet Weight 380kg
Fuel Capacity 26 Litres
Range Approx in Klm 380 +/-
Abillity Level EXPERIENCED
Deposit Bond $2,250.00
Insurance Excess $4,500.00
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Motorcycle Overview

What is Included IN or Excluded FROM your Hire

On hiring any motorcycle from Rent N Ride you can expect to have included in your hire fee,

  • One or more of our fully registered motorcycles from our fleet inclusive of NSW CTP Cover
  • Unlimited kilometer hire
  • A full tank of fuel
  • A cool Rent N Ride T-Shirt and Cap
  • A puncture repair kit
  • Steering or Disk Lock or both
  • Breakdown Assistance. See Breakdowns – Our Service to You policy
  • Any Saddle Bags, hard or soft Panniers, tool kits etc. This will depend on the configuration of your chosen motorcycle.
  • Any taxes, daily insurance premium fees and any GST on any hired product

For a small additional fee you can add to your hire a range of accessories. An example of some but limited to are:

  • Helmet – selection of
  • Gloves
  • GPS device
  • Quad Lock Phone or GPS Holder
  • Wet Weather Gear Coverall Set
  • Leather Jackets, Riding Dragon Jean Pants, Boots.

All accessories will be subject to availability and confirmed within 3 days after your booking. Most accessories are available from our store to BUY NEW or you can choose to RENT from our rental stock. Rental stock are sterilised and air dried to ensure they are maintained to a high clinical standard.

Excluded from your Hire:

  • Tolls
  • Fines, parking tickets, any other enforceable penalty related to the registration of the hired motorcycle.
  • Fuel when returned not full. If tank requires filling there will be a $3.00 inclusive of GST per litre fuel charge applicable.
  • Any costs you or we incurred due to punctures or any other tire damage during the hire period.
  • Bike Cleaning – see Cleaning sections of this agreement.
For full Terms and Conditions for this motorcycle please see the Rent N Ride Terms and Conditions Explained document found here.